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Our Story

How To Play

The Big Lockdown Story

   “What do you want to do this evening?”


   “We’ve watched all the good stuff.”

“We could bake?” 

   “There’s a flour shortage.”

“Invent a new game?” 

   “Sounds like fun.”

So began ‘The Big Lockdown’, a tongue-in-cheek card game inspired by people’s experiences during the global pandemic. The secret to winning the game is the balance of risk: do you stay at home, safely consuming supplies, or will you venture into the daunting outdoors?


The game is filled with references to life in lockdown including toilet paper hoarding, home schooling, and work meetings conducted from the toilet.


Our game originated as a coping strategy during a difficult time, giving us a creative outlet to help us through it.


We hope you enjoy playing this game as much as we did making it.


Madeleine & David


Supporting Crisis


The COVID 19 pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone. As a way to support those in need and continue to use the game we have created as a positive force, we are going to be donating 10% of any profits to Crisis. They are an excellent organisation supporting the homeless, who have been particularly hard hit. Please visit their site to find out more about their excellent work.

How To Play

The Big Lockdown

There are three decks on the table: Indoors, Outdoors and Supplies.

If you draw an Infection card you may be out of the game.

If you have Infection Prevention you are safe otherwise you must be tested for infection by drawing the next card.

A positive test means you are infected and out of the game.

A negative test means you are not infected and can keep playing.

When more than one player makes it to the end of one of the decks, the player with the most valuable stockpile of supplies is the winner.

The number in the corner shows the value of each Supply.

This Stockpile has a value of 5.


Mess with other players by looting their supplies or forcing them into risky positions.

You can also shop for supplies or defend yourself. 

A lot can happen in each game.

To find out more view the complete rules here.